How To Attest Board Certificate In Qatar

Board certificate attestation for Qatar

We humans are scattered all over the world and in many countries. The dispersion has many reasons including personal and political reasons. Everything has  changed and today people disperse into many countries. Reason behind this diaspora is often personal. Many who migrate are going overseas for a better job prospects and a good standard of living . Or they migrate to earn fabulous educational opportunities and settle there eventually.

<>Board Certificate Attestation In Qatar

Naturally, when you are planning to migrate to a foreign land, you need to be accurate and genuine in terms of your claims. They need to ensure who you are, what is your motive, How you are going to meet living expenses and so on. Official can discover all about you and your purpose of visit by cross examining details.

What are these details?   Are these just certificates?

Of course, you will have supporting documents and certificates of merits with you. But, they are worthless if  it is not attested.

Attestation is what makes your proofs valid, authentic and in turn helps you to enter in a country without any hassles.

Board certificate attestation for Qatar

Attestation is official and authentic confirmation  for your claims with concerned department seals. It ensures transparency, credibility for you and tension free mind in an alien land. Attestation fees may differ from country to country. But, you must get your certificates attested.

If you are planning to migrate to an arab country like Oman , you will need your certificates get attested, including board certificate. Qatar is an Arab state and has hard and fast rules regarding attestation.

One of the utmost important certificate attestation demands our attention is board certificate . This comes under the category of  educational attestation. It is a very important document to be attested for an enrollment to a university or to get a job prospect. Your educational certificates must be attested in home land and followed by MEA and lastly embassy attestation.

The following are the three tires of attestation. Board certificate attestation for Qatar has its own attestation procedures.

  • State Attestation

    It is the attestation takes place first in one’s homeland and you can get attested your credentials and after that go for Ministry of Educational Attestation process. Without this, your documents will not have no value in another country. State department confirms and verifies documents ensuring credibility.

  • MEA Attestation

    MEA attestation is prepared simply after attestation by those appropriate state authorities. It needs for all types of documents. It is an indirect procedure in a central level carried out by Ministry Of Foreign Affairs Attestation.

  • Embassy Attestation

    Embassy/Consulate attestation is prepared later the MEA attestation. It is the last phase of attestation procedure carried out by Qatar  embassy.

Attestation procedure will have slight differences. These procedures can be tedious and complex  when we do. Why say so? We are not familiar with all legal procedures and official orders. Apart from these problems, it will take our lion’s  share regarding time and effort. It is always advisable to seek help from experience attestation service providers.

Board certificate attestation in Qatar can be done with prominent service providers. But caution is required to selecting a consultation agency. You must verify the service history and how well they suit your current  needs.

Board certificate attestation for Qatar

Bharath international has a long and reliable history in the field of attestation. We carry all attestation procedures wholeheartedly and make you feel at ease. We are keen on our client’s happiness and are happy to assist in this endeavour. We take care of all your attestation needs whether it is professional or personal including board certificates.

Some of the prominent services are :

  • Birth Certificate Attestation
  • Degree Certificate Attestation 
  • Marriage Certificate Attestation 
  • Diploma Certificate Attestation 
  • Provisional Certificate Attestation 
  • Pan Card Services
  • Affidavit
  • Legal Heirships
  • Divorce Papers
  • Business Certificate Attestation 
  • Death Certificate Attestation 
  • Transfer Certificate Attestation 
  • Board Certificate Attestation 
  • Translation Services
  • Commercial Set up

Attestation is a legal process needs utmost care unless you will face lots of unwanted troubles.  We make sure this won’t happen and let you feel comfortable. Our experienced staff and years of knowledge helps to do things in a quick way. We are adept at  fast attestation services in Qatar, furthermore we provide these facilities for your convenience.

  1. Free Collection & Delivery 
  2. Track your document status
  3. Payment only after delivery 
  4. Documents Insured

Free pick up and delivery service saves your time and you can easily track each phase of attestation. You can feel at  ease and pay our reward only after completion of process. Your documents are treated with care. Besides, we provide insurance for all documents.

Your certificate attestation services are secure in our hands as we thoroughly understand how you are pining after your dreams.

All About Mark Sheet Attestation In Qatar

Mark Sheet Attestation in Qatar

Get Mark Sheet Attestation In Qatar Easily

We all pursue our studies on the hope of getting a dream job. Our all time and long term dream of family will be cherished when you qualify in a programme. Whatever education you have earned, it is very important to get authentication from officials. We are not speaking about the official proof of University or schools. We all know that your certificate’s credibility as the document clearly answer your credentials. Your name, family background, Educational qualification and so on will be specified. So, attestation of a document only can assure the genuinity of your degree or diploma. Therefore, mark sheet attestation is required and mandatory when you are planning an education or job overseas.

<>Mark Sheet Attestation

Let us see what is an attestation?

Attestation in simple words is the official authentication of government officials about a proof. The document can be professional, commercial or personal. Whatever the certificate, getting attestation from the concerned home department and followed by Embassy attestation of the immigrating country. In official letters, attestation is “ The act of attending the execution of a document and bearing witness to its authenticity, by signing one’s name to it to affirm that it is genuine. The certification by a custodian of records that a copy of an original document is a true copy that is demonstrated by his or her signature on a certificate.” With attestation, you can board wherever you like without tensions.

Are you planning to board into Arab countries?

The purpose may be earning bread for you family or a getting international education from overseas university.

So, you may wonder how to attest mark sheet attestation in Qatar?

Don’t worry. We can find you the best way and make acquaint with attestation procedures.

Qatar is an arab country, in which 2.3 million muslim people resides. It is tiny in size related to its neighbour Saudi Arabia. It is an absolute monarchy, currently ruled by Sheikh Tamim Bin Hammad Al Thani. It ranks number one in the top affluent country’s list with a per capita GDP of $ 141, 543. The government is strict in terms of certificate attestation rules. Migrating without attested certificate into such an affluent country would be a dreadful mistake !

Getting attestation on your own is a mundane as well as tedious task . Their procedures lasts for hours and there will be lots of intricacies involved. Fast attestation services in Qatar can help you. There are many attestation service providers available in Qatar. But, you must be vigilant when choosing the one for attestation.

Let us have a concise look at whole phases of attestation.

Attestation Process In Qatar

Mark Sheet Attestation in Qatar

Every country’s attestation process differs slightly so Qatar’s. Attestation process generally involves tiers of process across departments in both countries. There are three types of attestation procedure.

1) State Attestation

It is the attestation takes place first in one’s homeland and you can get attested your credentials and after that go for Ministry of Educational Attestation process. Without this, your documents will not have no value in another country. State attestation office confirms and verifies documents ensuring credibility.

2) Ministry Of External Affairs Attestation

MEA attestation is prepared simply after attestation by those appropriate state authorities. It needs for all types of documents. It is an indirect procedure in a central level carried out by the Ministry Of Foreign Affairs Attestation.

3) Embassy Attestation

Embassy/Consulate attestation is prepared later the MEA attestation


An Apostille is a type of attestation in which certificates are legalized in an appropriate form that is valid in all countries that relate to the Hague Convention. Basically, Apostille is a global attestation that is admissible in nearly 92 nations, and most of the western world acknowledges Apostille including Qatar. It is an international attestation assures authenticity in western world.

Bharath International, is one of the prominent attestation service providers in Qatar. Certificate attestation is mandatory for an individual who wish to migrate into Qatar.We are happy to help you in this endeavour. Our expertise and years of knowledge will surely beneficial for you. We offer fabulous services, which are time bound, quality assured and efficient. You can be literally free when opting our services for attestation.

Mark Sheet Attestation

  • We provide these add on services for your disposal and well being
  • Instantly know about attestation remarks with our track id
  • Make full payment after complete attestation at your doorstep
  • Feel secure with our services as we insure all documents
  • Fast attestation and delivery in Qatar is possible with free collection &     delivery

Know About Education Certificate Attestation in Qatar


Got your educational certificates attested yet? Want to skip through the gradual processes you would have to go through? Let us do the proceedings for you with the shortest time period as possible.

You might intend to move forward to Qatar or maybe you are a resident already. Either ways, when you have to sign in with legal documents and agreements with a company or any other policies, the mandatory requirements always asked for your attested educational certificate. Especially if you are applying for a job or you’ve planned for a job transfer, your educational certificate would be of prime concerns for any companies who intend to hire you.

Before you could submit your certificate, you need to have it attested and sealed according to the country you have issued the documents from. This blog helps you to know about degree certificate attestation in Qatar.

Significance Of Educational Certificates

Your academic certificate validate your educational qualifications stating that you have graduated from an institution and have passed a test that determines your ability to perform further. Usually these certificates are issued when you clear a higher level academic test. The certificate also mark the relevance of the particular degree to be authorised by the university. For instance, consider the mark sheets, diploma certificate or the engineering certificate attestation.

In case you have got clearance on a degree course that you have attended, then the validity of the certificate that you’ve achieved is only taken in to account if you’ve got it attested from a legal board.

The education certificate attestation procedure is a stagnant and gradual process that would take away most of your time running behind the course. And this also requires your attention during each and every stages of authorisation being processed.

Any documents including your educational certificate will compulsorily have to be attested when you are residing in Qatar or if you expect to relocate from abroad.

Bharath International At Your Service

When it comes to apostille services that includes certificate attestation, we have successfully been able to provide the most credible service in the sector.

The authentication procedures are not necessarily common or follows the same sequential stages for all certificates. It may vary with guidelines based on different countries that issued your academic certificate.

This is when we come to the top of your choice when you are about to look for an agency to save you from this burden. We have proved our expertise in providing the fastest attestation service that would only require 7 Indian working days.

This would be your experience when you avail our service:

  • We would appear right at your doorstep on the first day of service and collect your documents. You will not have to pay any fee in advance until we deliver the attested certificates back to your hands.

  • You can now track the current status of your certificate on our website throughout the legal procedures it would go through. This would enhance your assurance on our reliable service.

  • After the entire procedures, the sealed and attested documents would be delivered to you.

  • The payment for our service will be required only after we have completed the tasks and accomplished the needful.

  • On any case of mishandling of the documents, we can promise total security along the go as we have an insurance policy on the agreement for our clients.

  • In addition to our online tracking facility, we’ve also enhanced gratifying customer service with our 24×7 help-desk.

  • Other related document attestation services includes for the following certificates:

    1. Degree attestation
    2. Engineering certificate
    3. Diploma certificate
    4. Mark sheets
    5. Transfer certificate
    6. Board certificate

    Document authorisation in Qatar requires the seal from Ministry of external affairs (MEA) from the respective departments of the state of issue.

    Documents issued from India could also be attested from the Qatar embassy in India. The required documents that must be submitted along with the originals are:

    • Final year mark sheet on the academic certificate.
    • Degree certificate from a government authorised institution.
    • Course affiliation to the university for the entire period of graduation.
    • Bona fide certificate from the university as a verification.

    The entire process of education certificate attestation differs according to the purpose of the document. This is why you should prefer consulting an attestation agency like us who would be able to provide enough assistance and do the procedures for you.

    The complete customer’s convenience is what we seek to provide. We have priority in assistance with the embassies of India, USA, Australia, Canada and several others in line.