Types Of Certificates For Attestation Services

certificate attestations

When it comes to verification, a lot of processes are done. We all have undergone a verification process at least once. When an official verifies us, the required documents are submitted which are checked and made sure that they are authentic and valid. This validation process is called attestation.

Attestation processes are generally performed to check the authenticity of our documents. These documents include our academic qualifications, personal documents or any type of document. Certificate attestation, therefore, is an important procedure to verify your authenticity.

The Types

certificate attestations

Generally, the certificate attestations are classified into educational and non-educational certificates. Educational certificates are the ones that include the academic qualifications of the person such as degree certificate, diploma certificate, HSC certificate, SSLC certificates.

Typically educational certificates are generally certificates that are issued by the respective education board that specifies the person’s educational qualifications.

The second classification is non-educational certificates which are the person’s personal documents such as a birth certificate, death certificate, divorce certificate, transfer certificate and more.

Why The Need For Attestation

Attestation is done for many reasons, but the most common purpose for attestation is when you are visiting a foreign country either for employment or higher studies. Whatever your purpose is, if it involves a foreign destination, you will have to get your certificates attested.

So why do you have to get your certificates attested?

To be precise, attesting your certificates ensures the legality of your certificates and grants you legal status to work in the respective country. It is a way of ensuring that all your details are genuine and you are not faking any information so as to get legal status.

In gulf countries like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman etc, you need to get your certificates attested for employment purposes, pursuing higher studies or any other related purpose.

If they are not attested then they are treated as illegal and you won’t be able to do work or study under legal status.

Certificate attestation is the first step of obtaining legal status for your purpose in a foreign country, therefore, never ever think about avoiding such an important procedure before going abroad.

Requirements For Attestation

certificate attestations

For educational certificate attestation in a foreign country, you need to submit the following documents such as passport copy, bonafide letter, final year mark sheet and consolidated mark sheet, whereas to get a non-educational certificate attested, you need to submit your passport copy and the original certificate.

Where To Get Attested

Once you have decided to go abroad for your intended services, the next main criteria are getting your certificate attested to verify the authenticity. Normally there are many agencies for certificate attestation in Qatar, but when choosing the right one, it must be done carefully.

Always check for their track record and ensure if they have maintained a consistent flow of providing attestation services for certificates. Also, check about them through their websites and refer to the services to see what they offer.

You can also call them and clarify your queries. If you feel truly safe, then only you must approach the ideal agency. After all, it’s your important documents and you definitely don’t want to handover them to an agency you don’t trust.

In Qatar, there are many well-known agencies that provide an attestation for educational and non-educational certificates, however, the best among them is Bharath International. Bharath is a well known and reputed agency that is known for their attestation services in Qatar.

Why Bharath International

Bharath International was started with the aim to provide quality services in certificate attestation within the fastest possible time period. Our services have been used by many well known reputed people and all of them are very much happy with our services.

certificate attestations

Our services include attestation of educational certificates such as degree certificate attestation, diploma certificate attestation and other types of educational certificates. We also attest non-educational certificates such as marriage certificate attestation, birth certificate attestation and more.

We provide 24 Hours Attestation Service for certificates so that you don’t have to worry about time issues in case if you are in a hurry. Once you handover your valuable certificate to us for attesting, we provide you with a unique tracking number.

certificate attestations

Using this tracking number on our website tracking section, you can track the progress of your certificate attestation. Once the entire process is completed, we seal the certificates and hand it over to you. You only need to pay us after you receive the attested certificates.

If you are planning to go abroad for either employment or studies in Qatar, make sure that you attest your certificates through Bharath International.

Educational & Non Educational Certificate Attestation Procedures

certificate attestation procedure

Having a job abroad with lots of perks associated is a dream of every student who has completed his or her graduation level. It is only after getting their degree certificates in hand they realise the tough procedures for making their dream into a reality. Most countries welcome migrants with strict rules and regulations especially in the case of education. For non-educational purposes also the situation is not different. Attestation is the main villain as far as certificates are considered. An improper attestation could lead to troubles in a foreign country if there occurs some gaps in the whole attestation procedure.

Bharath International is a unique name in the Educational Certificate Attestation as well as in the Non Educational Certificate Attestation in UAE. We assist you in getting your documents verified from the certified authorities of Qatar by obtaining their official seal and signature. Ministry of external affairs certificate attestation procedure is a long and tiring one where the applicant may often get confused all along. In order to avoid this Bharath International stays along with our customers until the whole process of attestation is completed and you get back your attested certificates. To prove that your certificate is genuine, attestation is a must process.

The main purpose of Educational Certificate Attestation for Qatar is to obtain an employment visa or Labour Card for most of the designation. To obtain residence visa for wife, children and in-laws you need to attest other Non-Educational Certificates. For your child to get admission in a school through Transfer Certificate also you need the attestation. In the certificate attestation for Qatar procedure you need to produce the Original documents. Only then it becomes valid and can be used in Qatar for the concerned purposes.


Usually the following documents can get be attested from Qatar Embassy:

Educational Certificate Attestation

  • Master Degree Certificate
  • Bachelor Degree Certificate
  • Diploma Certificate
  • Higher Secondary Certificate
  • Secondary Level Certificate
  • Training Certificate
  • CBSE Certificate
  • VHSE Certificate
  • Transfer Certificate
  • AMIE Certificate
  • National Trade Certificate
  • PHD Certificate
  • Private Certificate
  • MBBS Degree Certificate
  • ME Degree Certificate
  • Medical Certificate
  • MS/MD Degree Certificate
  • Engineering Certificate
  • Passing Certificate
  • Provisional Certificate
  • Online Degree Certificate
  • Distance Education Certificate
  • Management Degree Certificate
  • Provisional Degree Certificate

Non-Educational Certificate Attestation

  • Marriage Certificate
  • Birth Certificate
  • Transfer Certificate
  • Divorce Certificate
  • Death Certificate
  • Marriage Ability Certificate
  • Experience Certificate
  • Passport
  • Pan Card
  • Ship Book
  • Registration Certificate
  • Reference Letter
  • NOC Affidavit
  • Medical Certificate
  • Police Clearance Certificate
  • Finger Print
  • Affidavit
  • Copy of Passport
  • Power of Attorney

Ministry of Foreign Affairs requires a bonafide letter from the university where you have studied in which details about the type of degree, duration of course, certificate authority, study system etc. should be mentioned. The following list of documents are a must for Educational Certificate Attestation:

  • Original Certificate issued by the home country
  • Final mark sheets
  • A bonafide letter issued by the College or University
  • Passport copy of the candidate

Educational Certificate Attestation Process includes attestation of the document by the authorised bodies such as:

  • Notary Attestation from the Home Country
  • Foreign Affairs Attestation from the Home Country
  • Embassy Attestation
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs from Qatar

The Embassy attests your Educational Certificates including the Degree certificate along with consolidated mark sheets. It should be noted that the UAE embassy attestation will never occur for separate attestation of Degree certificate or mark sheet. Keep in mind to present the original degree certificate with final year mark-sheets. A Govt. recognised institute must provide you the degree certificate and the course has to be full time with affiliation to a government recognised university. A Verification Letter from the concerned University has to be submitted along with the certificate without which attestation will never be done.

For Non Educational Certificate Attestation from Foreign Embassy you can get Attestation from the State Education Department (HRD) of respective state where you belong to followed by Attestation from Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) and then later Attestation from the Embassy of the State of Qatar. In some cases you may have to consult the Sub Division Magistrate (SDM) for Attestation at first.

You can go through our website to get attestation certificate sample or education certificate format.

Attestation of documents is a vital thing that should never be neglected. Verification and authentication must be done on time in order to avoid legal issues in the future. For all your doubts regarding marriage certificate attestation procedure or certificate in education online you can contact the expert panel of Bharath International. For all Academic, Personal or commercial certificate attestation from Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) & Respective State Departments, feel free in contacting us.

certificate attestation procedure

Importance of commercial certificate attestation

commercial certificate attestation

When was the last time you got your certificates attested ?

Attestation of certificates has become an important and must do procedure if you want to do any sort of activities in foreign countries. These activities include employment purposes, business purposes, pursuing higher studies or any activity that requires legal status.

The purpose of attesting services is to verify the authenticity of the details you have submitted so that the officials can ensure you are clean and not a threat to their country. When it comes to certificate attesting, there are many reasons and types.

The classification

Normally the certificates are generally categorised into three types which are educational, non educational and commercial certificates. What are educational and non educational certificates and how they are attested were explained in the previous blog posts.

Another important type is the attestation of commercial certificates. Like educational certificate attestation and non educational certificates, commercial certificate attestation is also important if you are planning to go abroad.

What is commercial certificate attestation?

It is a type of commercial attestation procedure which grants you legal status or permission to expand your business activities in a foreign country. Normally, in order to start your new business in gulf countries like Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, UAE, etc getting your commercial certificate attested is the first step that must be done.

commercial certificate attestation

What are the purposes?

As mentioned earlier, commercial certificates attestation is needed if you want to open a new branch of your company or start a new business activity. Since there are different types of commercial certificates, the purpose generally varies with each document.

therefore, if you are a business owner who wants to expand your business in a foreign country, then you must know about these categories of commercial documents. Below are the documents that are considered for commercial certificate attestation.

  • Invoices
  • Power Of Attorney
  • Trade License
  • Certificate Of Incorporation
  • Certificate of Registration

Commercial certificate attestation is important for implementing different services such as if you want to give authority to another person for your properties, power of attorney, which is a commercial certificate must be attested.

Even if you want to open a new bank account or enhance foreign trade in the respective country, you need to get your commercial certificate attested.

How is the attestation procedure done?

The process for commercial certificate attestation involves certain steps. Initially the documents are attested by the chamber of commerce of the respective state of your country. After that the attestation process of your documents are carried out by the MEA.

After successful verification by the MEA, the final verification and attestation of the certificates are done by the Embassy/ consulate of the country you intend to go to. Once the entire process is complete, your certificates are considered valid and you are granted legal status for performing the work.

Who should you choose?

Certificate attestation processes are essential for verifying your genuinity, therefore, it must be done very carefully. If you are planning to go to a foreign country, it is recommended that you choose those agencies having considerable years of experience in providing attesting services for various types of certificates.

You must check their website and refer to their services and see if the information or services they have provided are true or not. You must also ensure that agency consists of a professional team and only they handle your certificate processing.

To be simple, consider these two points along with other important factors when you are looking for the best attestation agency which are quick service and cost efficient. There are many certificate attestation companies in Qatar that provides certificate attestation services.

Why Bharath International ?

International is one of the well known and reputed agencies for certificate attestation in qatar. We provide attestation for different types of certificates such as educational certificates, non educational certificates and commercial certificates.

Many well known businessmen clients have availed our services for starting their business activities, new branches of their existing companies. What makes us different from others is our way of providing services to the customers.

We only provide the best commercial certificate attestation services at the most cost effective prices. Our services are hassle free and quick such that your necessary certificates gets attested and returned to you within few days.

You can track the status of your document through our website with the unique number you get at the time of handing over the certificates to us for attestation. The safety of your documents is our priority, therefore, we ensure that the documents are handled and returned to you with utmost care and professionalism.

If you are looking to expand your business activities to a foreign country and want to get your company documents attested, avail the services of Bharath and get your certificates attested within the fastest time period.