Is Certificate Attestation Required For a Qatar Visa?

Are you looking forward to migrating into Qatar? The reason behind your migration can be personal or professional.  Certificate attestation is a mandatory requirement for the visa process in any country. Qatar is no exception. Qatar is officially known as the state of Qatar is located in Western Asia and has strict rules regarding visa procedures. The attestation rules have slight differences from country to country.  All your migration dreams are going to be fruitful after meticulous visa process with the help of a 24 hours attestation service in Qatar.

Attestation procedure in Qatar

Qatar visa process needs attested documents for verification. All your certificates may have genuinely acquired but the government in another country has to verify its authenticity. So, you may think what is all about attestation?

Attestation in simple words the authenticity of your claims about a particular thing. Attestation is the act of attending a document’s credibility according to the law. It is actually an official declaration of your earned claims by a government authority. It authenticates your identity, achievements as well as your purpose of immigration. A government official of the country identifies your document as a genuine and trustworthy one. Attestation validates your data or personal claims and it saves you from legal and other problems. An attestation is a declaration by government officials and it underlines your certificate’s genuinity.

From your nationality to your education all your claims needs powerful support in the form of attestation. All kind of documents is needed for attestation such as educational certificate, job offer and marriage certificate. According to your current needs, you must get attest all documents.  There are many attestation service providers in Qatar but finding the right one makes all process a hassle-free. Attestation procedure in Qatar is one of the prominent service providers in the field.

Attestation procedure in Qatar

All attestation procedures fall into these following categories.

Notary attestation 

It is the first of kind attestation step to be taken by individuals who wish to get Qatar visa. Getting all certificate attestation from notary helps in home department attestation. Your notary attestation reveals that all documents are eligible for home department attestation.

HRD Attestation 

You should verify all your documents by the HRD department with a stamp provided by the HRD ministry. Prior to MEA attestation, you must get HRD attestation. All certificates get attestation by the HRD department in your home country.

MEA Attestation

MEA attestation is executed by the departments of states after attestation by those appropriate state departments. It needs for all types of documents. It is an indirect procedure in a base l level executed by Ministry Of  Foreign Affairs Attestation.

Embassy Attestation

Consulate attestation is another name for embassy attestation and It is the last phase of the attestation procedure carried out by the Qatar embassy.

Numerous fast attestation services are available in Qatar. Like Qatar, many nations accept Apostille attestation as a global standard.


An Apostille is a type of attestation in which certificates are legalized in a required form that is admissible in all countries that relate to the Hague Convention. In reality, Apostille is a global attestation that is acknowledgeable in nearly 92 nations, and most of the western world acknowledges Apostille including Qatar and Oman. Apostille services in Doha is also a legalized one. It is an international attestation ensures credibility in the western world.

Attestation procedure in Qatar

Apostille service

  • To apply for a visa
  • To get a work permit
  • To apply for employment or family visa
  • As a proof of genuinity

The attestation fee and the type of supporting documents differ for different attestation. All attestation procedures are taken according to the guidelines of Qatar MOFA ( Ministry of foreign affairs). And therefore, getting your visa to become a piece of cake with rightly attested certificates. You are all set to go and be free from any legal obligations in a foreign land.

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